What Students Are Saying About Covenant Journey

The journey begins in Israel - and continues for life!™ The following testimonies are representative of students who have participated in a Covenant Journey experiential tour:

This trip has turned my world inside out. I began with what I thought I knew about the Bible... to being slapped in the face with the true REALITY of the life that Jesus lived for me. My faith was truly tested, and extremely strengthened. I am very thankful for this opportunity. I will never be the same.  All of my life I always heard ‘everyone hates the Jews,’ ‘who cares about the Jews?’ I didn't know what to think of this because I knew the Jewish religion was small in comparison to others, so I wondered why they were such a grand topic of discussion. Now after being among them, and watching them just live their lives and practice their religion... I realized that God has blessed them and their land greatly. This is why so many are against Israel... it’s a defiance of God’s word, of God’s truth, of God’s promise. I stand with the Jews …. This trip will completely transform your life mentally and spiritually. You will be stretched to BELIEVE what you see, and you will be more in tune with God’s heart and God’s vision for the land of Israel, as well as the world. It has brought upon me a responsibility, a call to action, to bring awareness to the world why we MUST stand with Israel. -Karley R


The biggest thing I came away with was a strong conviction to learn more about the Old Testament. I don’t know why that isn’t more emphasized in Christian culture, as it’s true that there is no way we can truly claim to defend our faith with facts if we don’t know the birthplace and history of the Christian faith…. I had always been very supportive of Israel as a state, but this trip honestly changed everything. I had known God was calling me to do ministry of some sort in the Middle East, but I hadn’t ever felt like he wanted me to do ministry in Israel and with the Jewish people until now. Now that I see the need for Christians to be in support of Israel and the Jewish people, I see that there is a huge lack of ministry TO the Jewish people. I absolutely fell hard in love with Israel. The climate, the nature, the people, the military, everything…. This was one of the most incredible opportunities provided to me in college, hands down. I had always been in support of Israel but was seriously lacking the knowledge of both the conflict and the culture – so much so that it was preventing me from doing advocacy on my campus. On this trip I learned more than I thought I could, surrounded by students who just wanted to learn. It was a breath of fresh air, coming from my liberal, secular school, to be amongst students who love this country like I do and who are like-minded. I came back to my campus with a strong conviction to minister to Jews, as well as advocate for Israel politically (conveniently you can do both at once). I realized there that if I’m not doing it, no one will. This beautiful country that gets bullied by everyone else can use American students like me on the sometimes poisonous environment that is a college campus. I don’t only think this trip is important for Christian students, I think it’s essential. I wish I could send every single one of my Christian peers on a Covenant Journey trip right now, because I know they will be changed, and I know college campuses – and the world after their graduation - will be a better place because of it. I just can’t get over how hard Covenant Journey tried to make this trip meaningful in multiple ways…. I personally think where there is hostility in college campuses there needs to be Covenant Journey to help Christian students fight back- Brianna S


It greatly increased my belief in and passion for the Bible. Being able to see the real places where legends like David, Elijah, and, of course, Jesus lived brought it to life in a new way. Being in the environment with such a group – likeminded, strong Christian young people – and talking about God, reading the Bible, worshipping every day did wonders for my spirit, after being stagnated for so long at a secular school. I felt like I learned so much about the character of God from the testimonies of others as well, not just the visiting biblical sites and Bible reading…. I am so passionate now for Israel’s cause in the broader political and global sphere. I loved seeing the young people serving in the IDF, and, while difficult, how that inspires passion for the country…. Be ready to have your life changed! This trip opened my eyes to the truth of the Bible, the power of God, and the historical and spiritual significance of Israel. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about God in such a special place with an incredible group of young people, whose passion for God and individual testimonies were just as impactful to me as the places and experiences. -Elizabeth L


Strengthened my Christian faith by allowing me to have a more hands-on feel to the Bible. Seeing the sites that I have read about most of my life has made the Bible more real to me, not that it wasn't before, but it solidified the faith that I already had. After recent events in my life over the past several years, my faith had been shaken and I felt like I was drowning in the destruction that I felt. This trip has been a catalyst to spur my faith in God to deeper, and new levels…. I now have a great respect for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel that I don't think I could have found without this trip. - Karrie R

This trip has taken my faith deeper than I could have imagined. Prior to going to Israel, reading my bible was always difficult…but not anymore. After just a few days of being in Israel, I would wake up at 4:30am because I could not wait to read my Bible and spend time with God. I struggled with fully trusting in God because He seemed like a figure of my imagination, but to actually be in the Holy Land and see biblical landmarks made my faith a reality. This trip also challenged me to read the Old Testament…. This trip has greatly impacted my faith and I am so excited to continue to grow in it…. I am not the same person I was when I left for Israel; my faith is deeper, stronger, and I am awakened to the geopolitical realities of the nation of Israel…. To the future students of Covenant Journey, get ready for your life to be changed in the best way possible-Lauren S

I will never be the same again! -Rachel G

My faith has become alive and filled with color…. Throughout the trip our group had the opportunity to learn and discuss many of the issues concerning Israel and the Jews. To my shame, I was ignorant on many of the current political topics we covered; and yet the scary thing is, I think most American people my age are as well. After Q&A sessions with IDF soldiers or a Muslim journalist, I realized that most of what we’re taught from the media about Israel is not usually accurate; therefore, even those who do follow the news in the US may not have the right view of Israel. All of this led me to have an increased passion to stay engaged with Israeli news, to find out what’s really happening, and to make Americans (especially my generation) aware of the issues as well. Because after all, this is God’s chosen nation, and I believe it is our duty to be aware of the issues going on and to stand in support of Israel…. In correlation with our faith, the Covenant Journey trip increases our knowledge and awareness of the political issues going on concerning Israel. We learn how the Bible stands in support of Israel and God's people, the Jews, and how we therefore have a duty to stand in support of them as well. -Joy R


Covenant Journey has impacted me in a way I never imagined it would be. It has made everything so real and has strengthened my faith…. Covenant Journey is a trip that most of all will strengthen your faith as the Bible becomes alive…. You will also understand the need for supporting Israel as they face so many threats around the world. The media is not telling the truth about this people and country. This trip will open your eyes to the truth and it will also open your heart to love the Jewish people-Kelin S

I can say that, after the trip, the Bible has become more real to me and my faith has become stronger…. Exploring the land and each of its sites has given me a deeper understanding of the Bible. Since the trip, I have been able to read the Bible with a better sense of realism, aware of the topography and the Jewish culture…. This trip was life-changing for me, and I believe that it will also be that way for every young Christian who gets the opportunity to make the trip. This trip was extremely well organized, planned, and executed. Not even one second was wasted because important information or helpful spiritual insight was always being given. Personally, it would have been impossible for me to ever visit Israel, and it would have been unimaginable to make a trip with the quality that Covenant Journey managed to offer. Covenant Journey accomplishes everything it says it does: It helps Christians to grow immensely in their faith, it helps Christians understand the current issues regarding the Middle East, it helps Christians to become advocates for Israel, and it truly gives Christians a unique, life-changing opportunity that they will never forget-Daniel K

The trip has strengthened my faith and more importantly, the ability for my faith to continue to grow…. The trip undoubtedly grew my level of respect and awe for the plight of the Jewish people, their history, and what they continue to endure, overcome, and build today. It also grew my awareness of and challenged previous patterns of thought concerning the geo-political situation with Israel…. I look forward to becoming an advocate and goodwill ambassador for the fact that Israel not only has the right to exist, but also that it has leveraged its state to become a strong representation of what democracy and classically liberal ideas can look like in an interfaith context. I see Israel as integral to the stability of the Middle East and ideas of freedom and liberty continuing to exist in that region of the world…. I look forward to being a presence on my campus that can combat overly simplified and false narratives of the situation with Israel.... I cannot recommend this program enough. My fiancé … went on a Covenant Journey trip this past summer, and now I have as well. As individuals and as a to-be married couple, we have greatly benefited from Covenant Journey. It has expanded what we feel is God’s call on our life, brought greater middle east foreign policy interest into our discussions, and grown our love for Israeli culture. We will undoubtedly be returning to Israel as a married couple! -Josiah K


It has breathed life back into my walk with Christ. I was going through a dry spell … but I feel revived!... Before the trip I was on the fence concerning the Israel/Palestine debate. I wanted to lean towards Israel but everything I was hearing from my peers and the media was supporting Palestine. Having seen a part of the reality on the ground I am thoroughly convinced the media is not portraying the reality of the situation. Though Israel has its faults it has consistently gone out of its way to promote peace. I can now confidently say I stand with Israel. My trip to Israel helped ground the stories I heard in the Bible with the reality that they were actual events happening in a real world. It made the history of my faith real. The Middle East is currently a hotbed of political turmoil and violence. The ability to go to a place of stability within the Middle East and hear from individuals on both sides who have seen and partaken in the conflicts in the Middle East has changed my view on the issue. I see now the shining light Israel offers the Middle East in geo-political terms and I understand the theological imperative we have as Christians to stand with Israel. -Daniel C


It is overwhelming to see the impact this trip is having on my students. I often talk about Israel in my social policy classes and I am the faculty advisor for a pro-Israel student group….  Because of this, I work with students who are active in the pro-Israel movement. The students I recommend for your trips, however, are not active in the pro-Israel movement. They are student leaders who I know to be committed to social justice, and whom I believe will be influential leaders. They are students who are intelligent, but who are ‘on the fence’ about Israel.  I can't tell you what a blessing it is for me to see the transformation in my students when they return from this trip.  It is simply overwhelming.  My students who have participated in the Covenant Journey trip return and describe the trip as a ‘life-changing experience’ that has deepened their relationship with God.  In addition, these students are clearly moved by the social/political realities of Israel. They return from Israel with their eyes opened to the realities of the Middle East, and committed to standing with Israel. I can’t thank you enough.  It is apparent that you are truly engaging in work that is life-changing. I believe that the eternal significance of Covenant Journey far surpasses what we realize-Lori S, Assistant Professor of Social Work